SAT Math and Verbal Exam Preparation

SAT Math Syllabus Overview

SAT Math and verbal are the two most important subjects of the exam.

SAT Math is also present in SAT subject test which is divided into SAT Math Level 1 and SAT Math Level 2. Below is the SAT Math syllabus of the SAT general exam:

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Time allotted

Calculator part- 55 minutes Non -Calculator part- 25 minutes

Eligible year groups

England, Wales and Overseas - Year 13 or below, Scotland S6 or below, Northern Ireland - Year 14 or below

Questions Based On

Algebra, Problem Solving, and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, Additional Topics in Math

Passage Writing Modes

9th-10th grade to early post-secondary

Detailed SAT Math Syllabus

Math syllabus constitutes of the following:


Algebra is one of the most important sections of the SAT Math exam. This Maths SATs paper contains 19 questions.

Further analysis:

  • Analyze and then solve the linear equations and systems of linear equations.
  • Make linear equations and inequalities that represent the relationship between quantities and solve the problem.

Understand and use the relationship between linear equations and inequalities and their graphs to solve problems.

Problem-solving and Data Analysis

SAT Math practice includes practicing 17 questions of Problem-solving and Data Analysis.

Further Analysis :

  • Create and analyze relationships using ratios, proportional relationships, percentages, and units.
  • Represents and analyzes quantitative data.
  • Find and apply probabilities within the context.

Passport to Advanced Maths

This section contains 16 questions and it involves:

  • Identification and creation of an equivalent algebraic expression.
  • Then Creating, analyzing, and fluently solving quadratic and other nonlinear equations.
  • Create, using the graphing exponential, quadratic, and other nonlinear functions.

Additional Topics

This section contains 6 questions from random topics like triangle, circle, polygon, and more.

  • Solving problems from the area and volume of figures.
  • Definitions and theorems related problems from- lines, angles, triangles, and circles.
  • Sums from right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions.

Questions from Cross-Test Scores

Questions in this section are from the no-calculator portion and are more conceptual in nature and don’t require a calculator to be solved.

It contains:

  • Analysis in Science- 8 questions.

Analysis in History/Social Studies- 8 questions.

Course Structure

Number of Sessions/week – 02

Each lesson will be of One hour

Monthly Test- 01

Homework will be assigned after every class

Practice Sets of actual Exam Level will be discussed in the Curriculum

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