BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science: The entrance exam will test a candidate’s aptitude for Mathematics at the 12th standard level. The exam will have both objective questions and problems drawn mostly from the following topics: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

From 2013, the BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science entrance exam pattern changed from previous years.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Physics: The entrance exam for this will be the same as BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computer Science. The exam will test a candidate’s aptitude for Mathematics at the 12th standard level.


Features of this course:

1.Course Duration: 130 hours+

2.Every week one to one session for every student.

3.All class recording will be available so that you don’t have to miss any. Although it’s advised to attend Live lectures.

4.Assignments to help problem solving.


  1. Number Theory (8 hours)
  2. Combinatorics (12 hours)
  3. Binomial Theorem (8 hours)
  4. Inequalities (6 hour)
  5. Complex Numbers (4 hours)
  6. Sequence and Series (4 hours)
  7. Geometry (8 hours)
  8. Theory of Equation (6 hours)
  9. Trigonometry (6 hours)

10.Differential Calculus(40 hours)

11.Integral Calculus(20 hours)

13.Practice problem, Previous years papers, doubts discussion(10 hours)

Exam Pattern:-

CMI Entrance Exam 2020 UG Sectional Weightage 

The question paper of all undergraduate courses will carry weightage as under:




Part A 

10 questions 

40 marks

Part B

6 questions 

60 marks


16 questions 

100 marks

Reference Books:-

1.An Excursion in Mathematics by M.R. Modak (author), Bhaskaracharya Prathisthan (contributor)

2.Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

3.Trigonometry by S.L.Loney

4.Algebra by S.K.Goyel

5.Challenge and Thrill of Pre college mathematics by C.K.Pranesachar and V.Krishnamurthy

6.Problem primer for Olympiad

  1. Elementary Number Theory by David M.Burton
  2. Test of Mathematics at 10+2 levels (TOMATO)
  3. Calculus of One Variable by I.A.MARON

10.Thomas calculus

11.Differential Calculus by Amit M Aggarwal

12.Integral Calculus by Amit M Aggarwal

*PDF study materials will be provided for every chapter during the course.