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Started in the year 2017, MRA is an institute that provides comprehensive training on Mathematical Olympiads, ALGEBRA 1, ALGEBRA 2, PRECALCULUS, CALCULUS AB AND BC, IBDP , IB MYP, IGCSE and other competitive exams. The institute is founded by a team of mathematical researchers who aims to make the subject more enjoyable and easier by developing the foundational concepts and advanced brainstorming skills.
At MRA, we have a team of mathematical experts who have provided training to hundreds of students across the country, as well as abroad and have helped them to achieve success in this academic career. Based on the current skill level of the student our faculties prepare custom syllabus for each student and prepare them on every niche of mathematics so that they never feel nervous no matter a question is from within their practice set or not.
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Common Questions

Any student who aims to participate in any competitive exam can enroll. However, joining MRA can help every student clearing their doubts and fear of mathematics and can help them develop the skill of critical thinking.
MRA conducts classes online. We have classes across the day throughout the week and thus students can choose their class schedule as per their suitable time slot.

Not actually! We have flexible syllabus for students of every grade; though we may take a screening test, just to understand the current expertise of the student, so that we can prepare a custom syllabus for him or her.

We have dedicated courses for several top level mathematical entrance exams. However, by enrolling at MRA, you can develop comprehensive skill which will help you cracking most of the exams with confidence.

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